In Structural/Physical Biochemistry students will learn to understand and apply facts and techniques of physical and structural biochemistry. They will build upon and apply knowledge from general chemistry, organic chemistry and introductory biology. The emphasis of this course is on macromolecular structures and biophysical techniques and will cover selected biochemistry topics in depth. Spectroscopic tools for protein structural characterization, protein folding and misfolding, enzyme mechanisms, DNA and RNA structure and function, and lipid and membrane structure are a few of the topics that will be covered in this course. See the attached schedule for a complete list. There will also be emphasis placed on learning to read and discussing biochemistry research articles. The format of the course will primarily consist of student-led group problems and discussion of readings from texts, review articles and research articles.

The laboratory portion of the course will feature two multi-week projects on the purification and analysis of an enzyme, lysozyme. Each student will gain direct, individual experience developing purification schemes, performing kinetic analyses, and investigating structure using several advanced spectroscopic techniques. Students will develop their own protocols and learn to evaluate their results in order to successfully complete experiments.

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