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Assignment Pages for Spring 2018 Adv. Biochemistry
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Writing Assignment

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Writing Assignments

Research Review article: The paper will be written in the form of a review article in a biochemisry journal (examples will be distributed in class) and will derive from primary research. Primary research studies can include experimental research published in journal articles and patents.  Books, reference handbooks, review articles and textbooks may be used to develop a basic understanding, and to discover the primary research studies.

The purpose of this assignment is to investigate, understand and communicate about a specific drug – drug target interaction by reading and compiling into a coherent summary at least ten primary research studies. Possible areas to explore include the structure of the target, the structure of the drug, a comparison of the drug and the native substrate, the nature of the drug-target interaction, the mechanism of action, the metabolic process and/or chemical reaction that is interrupted, and the technique and process by which the drug was discovered, such as combinatorial, natural product research, and structure-based drug design. RUBRIC

Schedule (for more details see the course calendar):

Mandatory Library Workshops
Prior to Week 4: Explore the resources in the assignment and your textbook and identify at least 1-3 drug-drug target interactions as possible topics to research.
Prior to Week 7: Complete Research Study File reports for at least 5 primary resources.

Understanding Scientific Writing
Prior to Week 7: Read Section 1, Module1 from How to Write Like a Chemist
Prior to Week 11: Read Section 2 Graphics, References, and Final Stages of Writing

Prior to Week 10: First draft of paper due
(1) You must schedule to an individual meeting with your professor to discuss your first draft and the writing rubric
(2) Each student will read two peer papers (randomly assigned with names removed) and evaluate it using the rubic.

Prior to Finals Week: Final Draft of paper due

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