Enzymes Kinetics - Oct 7th


  • See outcomes from previous class
  • Know the Michaelis-Menten equation and how to apply it and linear versions to an understanding of the kinetic constants (kcat, Km, kcat/Km)
  • Be able to describe the meaning of (Vmax, kcat, Km, kcat/Km) and their reolationship to the qualities of an enzyme
  • Know how derive the M-M equation and the describe the underlying assumptions in the derivation
  • Be able to describe how experimental data (initial velocities) can be used to generate a M-M description of the enzyme kinetics

Reading (to be completed before class!)

Lehninger Chp 6, Sect. 6.1-6.3

  • Know and understand all terms in bold
  • Table 6-3 (memorize)
  • Be able to label and define terms in figure 6.3
  • Know residues (Fig 6-9) that can act in general acid-base catalysts
  • Define initial velocity (Fig 6-10)
  • Understand the relationship between Fig 6-10 and Fig 6-11
  • Relate terms in M-M equation to Figure 6-12


Pre-Assignment activities on Worksheet for Enzyme Catalysis (please email photos of your answers) and be prepared to show your reading log in class.

In Class Activities

  • Worksheet on Enzyme Catalysis
  • Lecture Notes on Enzyme Kinetics (M-M equation)


  • All Post-Activity Exercises on Enzyme Catalysis Worksheet
  • All Post-Activity Exercises on Enzyme Kinetics Worksheet
  • Lehninger Chp 6: 6, 7, 8, 9