Mb and Hb - Sept 30th


  • Describe the binding charcateristics of myoglobin (Mb) and hemoglobin (Hb)
  • Correlate the binding curve for Hb to its function
  • Describe cooperativity in general and for Hb specifically
  • Define and describe p50
  • Describe the how the conformational changes in Hb relate to cooperativity and its function
  • Apply your knoweldge about the structure and function of Hb to predict how changes in conditions (addition of BPG, acidity, and mutations in the structure) will lead to adaption and abnormalities

Reading (to be completed before class!)

Lehninger Chp 5, Sect. 5.1


See Hb worksheet
(You can pick up the worksheet in my box (BROH312))


In Class Activities

  • Hb Worksheet (pick up the worksheet in my box (BROH312))

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