Thermodynamics and Macromolecules - Sept 23rd

Reading (to be completed before class!)

  • Lehninger does not do justice to this topic. Here is what they have. I have added some what I consider better options for reading

    • Lehninger Chp 1. Sect 1.3
    • Lehninger Chp 4. Sect 4.1. p116-117
  • *Whitford - Proteins: Structure and Function: Interactions Stabilizing Proteins: pages 53-58
    (This is the best prepartion for the worksheet)


  • Very Helpful Review
    Voet 4th ed
    Chp 3: all
    Chp 8, Sect 4

In Class Activities

  • BRING your text or have online reference available in CLASS
  • Complete Group Problem
    • Also on Workseet on Intermolecular forces, thermodynamics, and protein stability
    Focus on first two pages
    PNAS June 1, 1977 vol. 74 no. 6 2236-2240


There are no problems on this topic available in Lehninger.

Additional Problems: Worksheet

Thermodynamics and Folding    key

Interpret the table below to answer the following questions (adapted from Fiore et al. Biochem. 2009, 48, 2550): Thermodynamic parameters for folding of structured RNAs

  • Is the folding of these RNA molecules driven by the same forces as the peptides discussed in class? Justify your answer.
  • Calculate the ΔGo for each RNA (assume 298K). Is folding spontaneous?
     RNA  ΔHo (kcal/mol)  ΔSo (cal/mol*K)
    P4-P6 domain of Group I intron  -28 ± 3  -91 ± 8
       -4.1 ± 2.3  -9.6 ± 5.7