Primary and Secondary Structure (cont) - Sept 13th

Lehninger 7th ed
Chapter 4: Sections 1-3, pages 115-142

Suggested Reading
Berg Biochemistry Chp 3: 3.2 (May help with torsion angles,
cis and trans peptide bonds, and the Ramachandran plot.)

Terms and Figures to know and understand:

Section 4.1-4.2: Bold terms, phi and psi (fig 4-2, 4-3,and 4-9)


Short lecture/discussion


  • Lehninger 7th ed
    Chapter 4: 1, 4, 6, 7, 10, 13, 16

Upcoming Assignments

  • Molecular Modeling wih Swiss PdbViewer 
    Tutorials 1-8  Please complete by Wed the 18th before class
  • Deepview Assignment 1 - Views 1-8, DS-1 (view 9 with caption)
    Due Fri the 20th end of day (pleases send all files via email or share with me in a Google folder)