Crystallography Models March 7th

Reading (to be completed before class!)
The goals of these two readings are linked.
The first reading, for Wed, will be applied to the Tzartos article on Fri.

  1. CCMC Chap 02
  2. Tzartos et. al.

Other Resources Online Dictionary of Crystallography      Refinement (definition)

R-factor (definition)   Structure Factor (defined)     Review of Steps in Crystallography


9. Judging the quality of models

Deepview Tutorial: Electron Density Maps


  1. (Wed) Consider the following questions. This is a class collaboration.
    Submit answers as class discussion. Do not delete any answers.
  2. Tzartos PreAssignment for Fri


In Class Activities

9. Judging the quality of models 9a and 9b

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