Ion Channels

Reading (to be completed before class!)

Voet: Chp20, 2F (potassium channels),
Voet 4th: Chp 20, 5A, 5C (voltage gating, structure),
 (ligand gating, dopamine)

Review P-type ATPases (Lehninger)

***Structural basis for Ca21 selectivity of a
voltage-gated calcium channel
 (I will cover this paper in class. I have 
highlighted the sections relevant to what I discussed).

PreAssignment - 6 pts Ion Channels (from Voet 2F and 5A)

Additional Web Resources

Potassium Channels
Calcium Pumps

Begin Reading this paper. We will discuss in class on the 16th.

Calcium, Bioenergetics, and Neuronal Vulnerability
in Parkinson's Disease



Voet Chp20: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10(assume 37C)
12, 14, 15, 16, 

In Class Activities

  • Structural Basis for Voltage gating
  • Example of selective channel (K+ channels)
  • Action potentials
  • Ca2+ channel (see Tang paper)

Slides (in movie format)

Original Group Worksheet

Student altered group worksheet

Slides from that day (also see highlighted parts of Tang)