Reading (to be completed before class!)

Whitford, Chp 11, pp - 404-415

Nice dscussion of the kinetics of protein folding and Leninthal's Paradox

Note: I supplemented my discussion of the reading from three sources (focus on the highlighted parts)
  •  Fersht. The sixth Datta Lecture. Protein folding and stability: the pathway of folding of barnase. FEBS Lett (1993) vol. 325 (1-2) pp. 5-16
  •  Gutin et al . A protein engineering analysis of the transition state for protein folding: simulation in the lattice model. Fold Des (1998) vol. 3 (3) pp. 183-94

  • Apetri and Surewicz. Kinetic intermediate in the folding of human prion protein. J Biol Chem (2002) vol. 277 (47) pp. 44589-92
    • We used the first pages of ths paper in class to expand on the discussion of the Chevron plots discussed in Whitford



In Class Activities

- Lecture and discussion on reading

Summary of the topics and order of material covered in class

Movie Ab initio protein folding

Discussion Slides (Movie)

Summary slide of introductory material to protein kinetics (adapted from Fersht and Gutin)
Summary Slide of Mutational Analysis