Week 5

Mar 16 - Methods III - CD

Read the following tutorial sections on Circular Dichroism spectroscopy

  • Reading Gore Chapter 4
  • From The Circular Dichroism Site
    • Introduction
      What is Circular Dichroism ?
      Why use Circular Dichroism ?
      • determination of the secondary structure
      • tertiary structure
      • folding kinetics
      • determine whether an expressed, purified protein is folded
      • if a mutation affects its conformation or stability.
      • protein-protein interactions
      • ligand binding
    • CD measurementent
      Basic experiment.
    • Protein secondary structure determination.

These will also be helpful


Mar 13 - Exam I

Exam through Homology Modeling (Mon Mar 9)


Take Home       Due Thursday March 19th at 10pm by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

It is attached as a word file. You can insert answers directly in the document.

NO collaboration. No discussing the exam with anyone but me.
It is open book and resource.

if you observe any mistakes email me ASAP! Thanks!!

(Note: Homology Model project will be moved to due one week later on March 26th, same time)