Week 3

Feb 23 - Writing Assignment Intro

Reading (to be completed before class!)

Writing Assignment (On Google Docs)

Voet Chp 15, Sect 4 on Drug Design

Hubbach, Writing Research Papers Across the Curriculum, Sect 4 A - G

If you plan to bring and use you won laptop read this

 Problems (Due before next library session)

In Class Activities

Discussion of the writing assignment, deadlines, and Hubbach

Continued work on Homology Models


Library's Biochemistry Subject Guide

ACS Style Guide

Example Papers


Feb 25th - Methods I - Crystallography

Reading (to be completed before class!)

Required Reading

PreQuiz (will discuss in class)

  • Updated slides (from 2015)
    • Large file, allow some download time.
    • This is a pdf but you can play it much like a movie, one slide at a time.
    • Old Lecture Video (no sound, just picts and most text shown in class)
  • My Notes

Use the notes with the slides to supplement the assigned reading


Additional Web Resources

X-ray diffraction


Feb 27 - Crystallography Models

Reading (to be completed before class!)

Required Reading

Asymmetric Unit

Online Dictionary of Crystallography

R-factor (definition)

Review of Steps in Crystallography



9. Judging the quality of models

Deepview Tutorial: Electron Density Maps

In Class Activities

QUIZ (key)

9. Judging the quality of models 9a and 9b

My Notes


Consider the following questions.
Submit answers to at least 3  
questions. If you have other questions from the reading please email
you instructor.