Reading (to be completed before class!)

Required Review Reading

Lehninger 6th ed (required review)
Chp 4: 4.3
Supplemental Reading
Berg Biochemistry
Chp3: 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 Protein 3D Structure

- Jmol Animation on Protein Structure

Deepview Assignment 1 - reminder due feb 17th noon


Berg Chp 3 (5th ed): 2, 6, 7, 9

Voet: Chp8: 4 (also using Swiss PDBviewer), 18 (also support your answer using SwissPDBviewer), 22  Solutions

In Class Activities

- Molecular Modeling wih Swiss PdbViewer
Tutorials 7, 10 , 11 (Try tutorial 10 with 1 HHO.pdb , READ Note!)


The majority of this material should be review.
Thus, the focus for this class is to gain further expertise with an essential biochemistry tool, the molecular modeling program, and using it to help us understand the following concepts:

  • tertiary packing and the hydrophobic effect
  • stabilizing factors in 3o and 4o structure
  • working with oligomeric proteins
    • comparing hemoglobin and myoglobin